The Rise of Darth Brandon!

Dear Patriots,

Last night, the entire world witnessed #DarthBrandon deliver a speech eerily similar to speeches delivered by Hitler. With a dark backdrop of brick, underlit with red lights and soldiers standing at ease, white-gloved hands crossed in front of them, was reminiscent of some Star Wars villain speaking of war and extremists. As he balled up his fists, he proclaimed the democracy is under "assault" by a threat we face.

But, who were these extremists our "President" spoke of, to whom was he referring? The "MAGA Extremists"- those of us who love God, freedom, independence and truth. He spoke of us not respecting the Constitution, not believing in the Rule of Law, not letting go of the past, not accepting the outcome of a "free" election, he said we are causing division, threatening Democracy and taking the country back to the past, to a time where no one has a right to choose, no privacy and other idiocies no one cares about.

But, if you've been paying attention to what's been going on in our country for the past 6 years, you know that the true enemies are those who have been burning our cities, killing our people, and dividing us with vitriol and threats. Those who have called for violence for not getting their way. When was the last time you saw a violent MAGA rally? When was the last time MAGA burned down a city? Never!

This man is NOT our president, he is a puppet tasked with further dividing us in order to make us easier to conquer. We have to wake up to this agenda and we need to unite against these tyrants looking to take our way of life away. They're crashing our economy, destroying our food, locking us away in our homes, destroying our businesses and blinding our People. Their plans are total, world, conquest as we can see the same agenda being executed all over the world.

Unity! That is the only way we stop this. Be brave, speak up like the man screaming "LET'S GO BRANDON!' from his bullhorn in the middle of ol' Joe's diatribe! There is no room for being silent anymore because those controlling this puppet will continue their plans until we say ENOUGH! Let's show uncle Joe that we will not be silenced and governed by tyrants! Speak up, let them know we hold no power over you; only God does.


Love you all,


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